Partner Speaks at Webinar Session on Mentorship

Our Partner Tobenna Erojikwe was a speaker at the just concluded webinar session organized by Legal Business Network, where he spoke extensively on how to get the best out of a mentorship relationship. Below are snippets from his session;

1. Mentorship is a career development tool.

2. You must have a mentorship mindset.

3. Your mentorship relationship must be well organized or structured.

4. You must be ready to learn.

5. Develop the attitude of a learner.

6. You must set specific goals you want to achieve from the relationship (your goals must be measurable and time bound).

7. You must be honest with your mentor.

8. Learn to document your mentorship experience.

9. Be careful with your choice of a mentor.

10. Define your objectives for getting into a mentorship relationship.

Finally, he concluded with this quote;

“As a lawyer you are a knowledge merchant and what makes you different from the next person beside you is what you know and how you apply it.” Tobenna Erojikwe.